Zoo Animal supplier "Rep JAPAN" The majority of the work we do at Rep JAPAN is the
supply of Zoo animals to bona fide zoo parks worldwide.


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Terms & Condition

1. Price of Live Zoo Animals
Price is US$ F.O.B. export country or C.I.F final destination.
2. Freight charge
Varies on destination and weights.
3. Packing cost
US$100.00 each box. This cost includes wood box or card boarded box.
4. Domestic Transport & Handling fee
US$200.00 for every shipment. 230Km drive from the office to Narita airport.
5. Order
Orders should be placed from you first. Our minimum order is US$1000.00. CITES Permit will charge US$200.00 each /spec.
6. Guarantee (DOA)
DOA claims will be accepted and we will deduct the price of animals from original invoice if it must be reported in 24 hours after arrival.
Otherwise it will be rejected. We guarantee live arrival of our animals only for packing or quality reasons.
No guarantee that animals are free of parasites.
All claims must be accompanied by a digital photo showing the animals and our shipping box, shipping label, or way bill.
Photos should be emailed to info@rep-japan.co.jp
we are No live arrival guarantee for Flight delay, weather conditions, or airline mishandled by the carrier and claims of this nature shall be presented to the airline by the consignee in the country of destination at the immediate time of arrival.
7. Payment
Payments are 100% advance payment due 5 days before shipment arrival.
After conform CITES 50% and before shipping other 50%.
You should send telegraphic transfer for US$ to our account with the above condition.
We are also accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
8. Bank information
Name of Bank :SHIMIZU BANK
A/C : 2038730
Beneficiary's name :Rep JAPAN LTD.


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